Rinsing pipes

Rinsing pipes is of essential importance for the flow of the water. Rinsing pipes is frequently accompanied by a flow measurement and a pac-bag. It is important for your extinguishing system to perform on the moment the safety of you staff or installations is at risk.

Why rinsing pipes?

In the course of the years small amounts of iron and manganese can settle in the pipes in places where the water flows at low speeds, resulting in congestion. Next to that, scale can constrict the diameter of the pipes, which will result in a lowered capacity of water supply. Scale can even make that the supply of your extinguishing system is blocked completely, with all its consequences.

We can fix it!

As a supplier in the petrochemical fire fighting we know very well that the water supply of your extinguishing systems is of great importance. We gladly inform you on rinsing your pipes. All our activities are noted in a maintenance report. In need of advice? Please contact us without obligation by using the contact form, or call us directly on +31 (0) 187 48 44 88.

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